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Car Remotes From Genuine-OEM with Product Number: MK5606 This Weight Product: 60g Specs: Buttons: 4 Frequency: 433MHz Color: Black And Chrome Panic: Yes Remote Blade: Not Included Manufacturer: Genuine/OEM Condition: New Manufacturer Part Number: 95440-S2500 Fitments: HYUNDAI Santa Fe 2022   Extra Details: Accessories Products Hyundai Santa Fe 2021 Genuine Smart Remote Blade 81996-S1030

While most people insure their cars, insuring the keys is not a common practice because of the belief that replacing lost car keys is not expensive. However, this is where most people err. While cost of replacing keys of manual locking cars is comparatively reasonable, the cost of a new set of keys for remote or keyless locking cars can cost between Rs 8,000 for high-end cars like Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Polo and up to Rs 1 lakh for premium cars like Fortuner. This is why those buying cars wit ..

Car Remotes From Xhorse with Product Number: MK5754 This Weight Product: 55g Specs: Manufacturer: Xhorse Condition: New Color: Black Buttons: 4 Smart: Yes Xhorse Remote Type: Smart Remote Top 3 reasons to get Xhorse crystal smart key: 4 buttons Smart key with Proximity Function can work with VVDI mini key tool and VVDI2 Xhorse Universal Smart Key Support Car
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